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As a veteran tour guide in Savannah Georgia, I share the streets and squares with dozens of other ghost tours on a nightly basis.  While leading my own tour groups through Savannah’s historic district, I catch bits and pieces of some of the tales that other companies are reciting as we pass by.  I tend to cringe at a lot of what I hear, as much of it is… how can I put this mildly?  Complete BS.

If some of these tales are not completely fabricated figments of over-active imaginations, they are in many instances extensively embellished.

Of course, ghost stories are anecdotal, subjective and personal accounts of individual experiences that may not be possible to prove or disprove.  However the back story – the historical dates, locations, figures, deaths, etc can usually be researched to see if they check out.  When a ghost story is being presented as based in fact, it is the job of the story teller to make certain that the aforementioned dates, locations people and events are real and verifiable.  When this information contrasts the stories as they are being told, the story needs to be either revised to reflect these newly discovered facts, or in the worst case scenario, completely dismissed as urban myth.

As a paranormal researcher who prides himself on integrity and historical facts, I am starting this blog to re-research many of Savannah’s legendary haunted fables.  Whenever possible, I will obtain historical documents to set the record straight, and when I can, I will report it here.

I am purely interested in reporting the facts.  If anyone reading my blog should happen to have tangible evidence to the contrary of facts as I have reported them; that contrasts or contradicts my own research, I would be most interested to hear from you.   The operative word is TANGIBLE evidence – newspaper clippings, police reports, vital records etc.

My goal is to set the record straight and separate popular myth from verifiable reality.  I feel that I owe that much to my tour clients, as well as Savannah itself.

-Patrick Burns
December, 2017