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Savannah’s Own Celebrity TV Ghost Hunter

Patrick Burns is a paranormal investigator, television personality and published author. No stranger to broadcast media, he is best known for his starring role on three seasons of TruTV’s hit series, Haunting Evidence.  He also appeared as a recurring guest judge on The Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge, as well as an episode of the networks hit series Ghost Adventures.  He has had countless appearances on other programs and networks, including  FOX and Friends, Hollywood Insider, Entertainment Tonight, Catherine Cryer LIVE and appeared in an Emmy award winning documentary for TBS, to name but a few.

Patrick is a veteran both in front of and behind the camera lens. A videographer in his own right, his self-produced video production entitled “Haunted” won him acclaim from his peers in the paranormal field.

Originally hailing from the Chicago area, Patrick has lived in the Southeast on and off since 1996. He founded the Atlanta based paranormal group, Ghost Hounds in 2001, and has hosted the recurring GhoStock paranormal enthusiasts’ conference which originated in Savannah in 2005.

When Haunting Evidence premiered in 2006, he suddenly found himself in demand as an “authority” on the paranormal, and spent the next eight years on the road; working in television, lecturing at universities, speaking at paranormal conferences, as well as conducting paranormal investigations  from coast to coast.

After nearly a decade on the road, Burns decided it was time to “apply the brakes” and gave up traveling full time.  He first visited Savannah in early 2005, and immediately fell in love with her people, her history and of course her haunted notoriety. He has referred to Savannah over the years as “The Ghost Hunters Mecca.”  So when he was deciding on a place to call home, he didn’t have to think twice.  He knew Savannah was the perfect place for a paranormal investigator to settle and continue his research, and made the Hostess City his home in 2014.

Since landing in Savannah, Patrick has found his calling as a paranormal tour guide. He earns consistent five-star accolades on Trip Advisor, making him one of Savannah’s top rated guides.

After working under another tour company as an independent contractor for three years, Patrick and his wife Marley have decided to become entrepreneurs in the burgeoning Savannah Tourism Market.  Their venture EXPLORATION POINT LLC was incorporated in May of 2017 and will begin running tours in Early June.

Patrick’s latest tour, the GOT GHOSTS! Paranormal Activity Tour is a retrospective of his last three years as a Savannah walking tour guide.  This one-of-a-kind tour will take visitors on an eye and ear opening journey; exploring Savannah’s haunted historic district through Patrick’s own personal paranormal encounters.  Unlike other tours which are based on scripted local lore and legend, the Paranormal Activity Tour features not only recollections of Burns’ own experiences, but includes actual photographic and audio evidence collected at various locations to substantiate the accounts.

In addition to being an accomplished tour guide and media personality, Patrick is also the co-author of the non-fiction book, THE OTHER SIDE:  A TEEN’S GUIDE TO GHOST HUNTING AND THE PARANORMAL with Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio and The Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge, and his wife, Marley Gibson, bestselling author who also appeared on A&E’s My Ghost Story, Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, and The Food Network’s Cooks vs. Cons.

When he’s not chasing ghosts, Burns enjoys playing the guitar, SCUBA diving, being a great dad to his children and two rescue kitties, Madison and Boo, and being with his wife, Marley Gibson.