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When you come to visit Savannah Georgia, you have literally dozens of options when booking a walking ghost tour in Savannah.

But not all Savannah ghost tours are created equal.

Most ghost tours in Savannah are led by story tellers.  Their tales in many instances are interesting, and will surely send a shiver down your spine.  But you might be surprised to learn that many of the stories they recite are at worst, complete works of fiction.  At best, they have a thread of truth to them, but are heavily embellished with false information.

This isn’t necessarily the tour guides fault.  In most instances, they are reciting stories that have been written by other people and presented to them from a prepared script.

For some visitors to Savannah, this is entirely acceptable.  They don’t necessarily care about the historical details and facts.  They just want to hear a good, old fashioned ghost story.

But if you are interested in REAL ghost stories, and actual first-hand accounts, then read on…



Our motto at GOT GHOSTS! is “Not just TALES from the SCRIPT!”  You see, our guides are not just story tellers.  We’re actual paranormal researchers with decades of experience in the field.

The stories we recite are extensively and painstakingly researched for historical accuracy.  When a detail from one of our stories is unsubstantiated rumor – we tell you.  When an anecdote is found to be false, it is omitted entirely from the story.

As paranormal researchers, it is our job to get to the bottom of these tales and reports of ghostly activity.  Sometimes in our research we find that some of Savannah’s best lore is complete fiction.  While it might be a great story, we’re interested in the truth, and since you are still reading this, we venture to guess you are too.

GOT GHOSTS! was founded by Patrick Burns, an internationally renowned paranormal investigator.  Patrick is best known as the star of TruTV”s paranormal crime series “Haunting Evidence.”  He has been investigating haunted locations since 1985.

Our “Paranormal Activity Tour” is personally led by Patrick, and features stories based on his own personal experiences and encounters as a paranormal investigator in Savannah.  But the Paranormal Activity Tour goes a step beyond and features samples of real paranormal evidence that Patrick Burns has personally collected over the years.  Not just TALES from the SCRIPT – real paranormal encounters as told by the man who experienced and documented them.

If your ideal ghost tour is hearing unsubstantiated urban myth as retold by story tellers, our tours are not for you.

If you want to hear real first-hand accounts.  If you want to experience real examples of paranormal activity.  If your in search of the truth… then have we got the Savannah ghost tours for you!

Book now and see why over 93% of our prior guests rate us as FIVE STAR EXCELLENT.  See why we have earned the coveted TripAdvisor BRAVO! Award of Excellence.